An Atlantic Avenue retail pioneer, Eva Gentry Consignment founder Eva Dayton, was one of the first retailers to bring international fashion to Brooklyn at her first boutique, Butter back in 1999. Her passion for dressing runs deep and she honed her eye working for designers like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani along with a host of other labels, until noticing that there was nowhere great to shop in her Brooklyn neighborhood and decided to fill the void. She used Butter as a laboratory for her aesthetic--bringing together specific clothing, jewelry and accessories from designers she sought out in order to offer her customers a new and iconoclastic shopping experience.

Consignment was a happy, accidental offshoot of that original shop—initially launched as an outlet for Butter stock, as well as a place to exchange great pieces with other fashionistas. Consignment is now Eva’s singular focus and she brings the same curatorial eye to the selections there as she did at butter.

Eva particularly loves Consignment because it offers the chance to finally get That Bag you hesitated to buy when it first came out but haven’t been able to stop thinking about since, or stumble on the perfect vintage scarf, or try a brand that is out of reach at full retail. Consignment makes it easy (and fun) to refresh one’s closet more often.

Happy shopping - fingers crossed that Celine dress is in your size!